Rectal cancer pubmed, [Tendencies and results in rectal cancer treatment].

rectal cancer pubmed

Abstract Rectal cancer is one of the leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide despite of multimodal treatment. Objective: The aim of this study is to review the management strategies for rectal cancer and to determine morbidity after multimodal therapy. Method: Retrospective study about patients with rectal cancer surgically treated in 1st Surgical Clinic of "St.

rectal cancer pubmed

Spiridon" Hospital Iaşi, Romania, between September Results: There were men The tumor's staging was: stage I cases 4. The postoperative therapy was performed in cases The postoperative morbidity was documented in 32 cases and 24 patients died during hospitalisation 8.

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Long-term results are also exposed with a review of literature. Conclusions: Rectal cancer has been notoriously difficult to treat successfully but there are numerous attempts modifying existing therapeutic regimens or designing new ones.

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Indian J Cancer. PMID:

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