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Aceste exemple pot conține termeni colocviali. Traducere "scaderea hemoglobinei" în engleză haemoglobin decreased decrease in haemoglobin Alte traduceri Mai mult, dacă suferiţi de tensiune arterială crescutăşi diabet zaharat anemia 02 saturation tip II cu afectare renală, medicul dumneavoastră poate identifica următoarele modificări ale unora dintre componentele sângelui: creşterea concentraţiei potasiului foarte frecventscăderea hemoglobinei frecvent. Moreover, if you suffer from high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes with renal disease, your doctor may identify the following changes in your blood components: potassium increased very commonhaemoglobin decreased common. Scăderea numărului de leucocite inclusiv neutropenie sau agranulocitozăscăderea numărului de hematii, scăderea hemoglobinei, scăderea numărului de trombocite White blood cell count decreased including neutropenia or agranulocytosisred blood cell count decreased, haemoglobin decreasedplatelet count decreased Scăderea numărului de leucocite, scăderea hemoglobinei, scăderea numărului de neutrofile, creşterea numărului de eozinofe.

Neonatal intestinal ischemia is a frequent pathology, but unfortunately, anemia 02 saturation underdiagnosed.

Current technique allows non-invasive investigation of splanchnic circulation, being capable of detecting early perfusion changes that occur at this level.

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The aim anemia 02 saturation this anemia 02 saturation was to determine the clinical value of infrared spectroscopy NIRS in early detection of ischemic bowel modifications in newborns from anemia 02 saturation intensive care unit. Material and methods.

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We performed a prospective observational study over a period of 18 months, on a group of 15 newborns with gestational age between weeks. All infants included in the study had one or more clinical signs of digestive pathology.

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Starting non-invasive continuous monitoring by cerebral and abdominal NIRS was performed anemia 02 saturation to the appearance of the first digestive changes between day 3 and 21 of life. Meanwhile infants were monitored by biological and hemodinamyc methods.

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The monitoring period was variable, being between days, the period required for establish the causal diagnosis. Statistical significance was determined using statistical t-test.

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Also was evaluated the area under the receiver operating characteristic ROC curve to determine the suitability of this technique as a diagnostic tool. The study group included: 3 neonates with congenital heart disease CHD with significant decrease in aortic blood fl ow, 4 neonates with anemia 02 saturation enterocolitis NEC stage II, 3 pacients with intrauterine growth retardation IUGR severe form, 1 newborn with intestinal atresia and secondary peritonitis, 1 newborn with Rh incompatibility anemia with placental anasarca and 3 pacients with sepsis and associated gastrointestinal pathology without NEC criteria.

In all 15 patients, NIRS measurement values were significantly lower anemia 02 saturation to the normal range, with different values depending on the severity of the condition.

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Also the average value of the CSOR ratio was significantly lower compared to the normal. The area under anemia 02 saturation ROC curve was 0.

Anemia 02 saturation

NIRS method has the potential to detect the occurrence of alterations in intestinal oxygenation anemia 02 saturation perfusion, allowing early detection of bowel ischemia, just before the modification of other hemodynamic parameters. NIRS is a non-invasive, highly accurate method, to follow in evolution the changes in tissue perfusion under the treatment instituted, also being able to guide treatment, proving helpful in clinical practice.

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